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Custom Made

Handmade Leather Bags

Custom Made

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    custom order - leather

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    Special Edition

    custom order - leather

    Special line of exclusive,

    unique styled leather items

    Custom Made

    cutom order - leather

    Make your own bag and become a designer for one day.

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    Nili Zohar is a Tel Aviv brand specializing in high quality and durable handcrafted leather products.

    Hello, it’s nice to meet you.

    I’m Nili Zohar Ilyich

     I’d like to introduce you to my label Nili Zohar, entirely handcrafted with passion and love.

    I was born and grew up in Tel Aviv. In fact, I love my childhood neighborhood so much that I still live there.


    As long as I can remember, I have loved to create, and it was obvious to me that one day I would work in design.

    I have always wanted to design handmade leather bags.

    I studied at the Shenkar School of Design and spent many years working in different positions in the fashion industry where I gained skills and knowledge, but the decision to work in handmade design trumped everything.

    The small details (which, I believe, always guide me), the quality of the material, the finishing and the thought behind each piece are important to me.

    Each product has its own story.

    My bags are based primarily on classic designs, with clean and elegant lines, and draw on significant eras and periods in each era.

    I develop unique and interesting details every day.

    I always picture you, my customers, as fashion trendsetters. Wherever you go, everyone turns to admire the special pieces you’re sporting.

    I sell my products directly to my customers, at affordable and accessible prices. With no intermediaries and no physical stores, I can keep my prices reasonable.

    I personally design each piece and sell directly to my customers.

    I only use the most reliable delivery services and guarantee affordable prices.

    I enjoy my work, and meeting new people with great taste in fashion.

    I hope you enjoy browsing and find your own unique Nili Zohar bag.




    My deep and personal relationship with each customer is an enchanting personal encounter to create each bag.

    Nili personalizes items to meet her customers’ requests.

    All items are conspicuous in their simplicity, with clean and classic vintage-inspired designs.

    Nili offers a wide range of quality leather handbags and wallets of high-quality leathers imported from Italy and Spain.

    The bags are made in Israel, to support local production and ensure meticulous workmanship.

    Some say, “A man’s home is his castle” – for women, their homes are their bags.

    It is a fascinating and creative journey that transforms every customer into a designer for one day.

    Individual designs range from simplicity to sophistication, local to universal, elegant to shabby chic; from the fashionable and the artistic, from what is coveted and what is attainable.

    I invite you to join me in the design of your perfect bag, distinguished by professionalism, high-quality raw materials and precise finishes.

    Periodically, I launch a special line of exclusive, uniquely styled leather items collected from around the world. Keep up with the newest offers from Nili Zohar through our website.

    Take a captivating journey through the fashion world and discover the finest product.


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