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Cotton Bag

Reusable bag

100% cotton





  • Delivery Methods:


    Israel  - If the item is 400nis or more, delivery of your bag will be free within Israel. Items that are 399nis or less will cost an additional 20nis.


    Purchases by website or phone - You will receive your item at our home in 3 days.


    Custom made orders - You will receive your item 21 days after the order is paid for. 


    The morning of the delivery day, you will receive a sms with the phone number of the delivery person and a message that he is delivering the package that day.  You can make arrangements as to when and where he will deliver the item.  Please be available by phone after you share your phone number.


    Gift Items - Please let us know if the item is a gift and share the phone number of the person who will be receiving it.  


    Post office delivery - Free if you item(s) are 400nis or more in Israel.  If the item costs less than 400nis, the delivery charge will be an additional 15nis.  The delivery will be made 21 days from the moment the package is sent. Once it is received by the post office, it is the responsibility of the post office to deliver it.  To track your items, please use the post office link.


    To pick up the item -  Cost to pick up an item is free. Please contact us by phone 054- 4202799.



    Every item is carefully checked before the delivery.  Each item is packed in a cotton back specifically used to take care of the leather.  The cotton bag is reusable.